Graphic Design

Web Development

Project Brief

Uncover the ancient secret of the Mayans with Agravitae’s exclusive ingredient, Graviola.  From replenishing teas to indulgent chocolates, Agravitae blends this super fruit into all their luxurious products. Join us on a journey of discovery and elevate your senses with our captivating video content, stunning imagery, and custom-built e-commerce experience.

The Hidden Gem

Agravitae’s story of passion and innovation is undeniable. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of their ultra-premium products and be inspired by the magic of Graviola.

From Belize with Love

Experience the lush landscapes of Belize, where Agrivitae’s premium products are sourced with love and care. Our captivating photography brings to life the breathtaking localities that add soul and character to the brand

Aligning Alchemy with Alure

Conveying the full potential of the brand’s allure was our ultimate goal. By casting a spell of visual harmony across its social media presence, we wove together a tapestry of breathtaking photography and graphic-rich assets.

Effortless Enjoyment

Embrace the essence of Agravitae with our artfully crafted e-commerce website – a seamless online shopping journey, designed with intuition and enjoyment at its core.