Brand Identity

App Design

Campaign Marketing

Project Brief

The Marbl Orbit is a cutting-edge invention brought to life by Youtuber Josh Yeo (Make Art Now). This Suspended Camera Dolly System represents a landmark achievement in the field of film-making, being the first of its kind. Through a carefully executed campaign, we aided Marbl Orbit in securing nearly half a million dollars in funding via Kickstarter, in a mere span of 15 days (faster than the moon's orbit around earth).

The Dilemma of "Innovation"

The advent of the Marbl Orbit into a technologically sophisticated arena constitutes a perplexing challenge. The realization of this "orbiting camera system" requires not only technical advancement but also the development of refined branding methods.

Out of this World

To bring the Marbl Orbit to market, a strategic marketing approach was devised. Leveraging the creator's substantial Youtube following, we also utilized paid ads to target the film-making community. This focused approach resulted in a remarkable outcome: In just 15 days, nearly half a million dollars was raised via Kickstarter. The magnitude of the interest generated was such that the Marbl Orbit was prominently featured on the front page of Kickstarter's website.