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Project Brief

Surrounded by towering pines and breath-taking vistas, this luxury RV resort offers the dream of building your own cabin right on Rio Grande River. To this enticing vision, Smart Object was tasked with crafting a brand experience that sizzles with magnetic energy and elevates itself above the rest in a bustling, niche industry.


Featuring a harmonious emblem, a perfectly curated color palette, a refined font family, and an alluring collection of icons, we chose a visual representation that perfectly embodies the resort’s beauty, elegance, and comfort.

Hand-Crafted by Nature

Embark on a journey to one of the most breathtaking locations on earth. In this video, you'll be transported to a world of wonder as we take you to the Rio Grande River, where you can own a piece of history.


Become One with Flora & Fauna

Become One with
Flora & Fauna

Discover the enchantment of South Fork, Colorado with our breath-taking photography that captures not only the magnificent scenery, but also the unbreakable bonds we hold with Mother Nature.

The Great Your Fingertips

Discover the magic of Rio Grande with a rich and immersive online experience that transports you to this unique community. Explore its hidden stories and unlock the secrets to luxury RV living. Let us ignite your wanderlust and inspire you to immerse yourself in the joys of this captivating destination.