Campaign Marketing

Project Brief

This is the remarkable success story of a burgeoning charity foundation that adopted our innovative approach to raise awareness and garner support. This bold move resulted in a significant surge in charitable donations and a paradigm shift in the perception and approach towards orphan sponsorship protocols.

Bridging Integrity with Philanthropy

An unfortunate reality exists within the realm of orphan sponsorship. Sponsors are often motivated by the visual appeal of a child, basing their sponsorship decisions on a photo. However, with our #NoMoreBrowsing initiative, new approaches and methodologies were implemented to ensure that every child has an equal chance at receiving the support they need and deserve.

Bettering Society for a Cause

The launch of the ZFA has yielded remarkable results, marked by a substantial increase in charitable donations by 350%, a 15% rise in orphan sponsorships, and a staggering return on investment of 431% for the foundation. The exceptional efforts of ZFA's Chief Marketing Officer, Amna Mirza, were recognized with a feature on the cover of LA WEEKLY.

Our agency has received accolades for our exceptional work, including the prestigious 2022 Hermes Platinum Award and recognition as a finalist for the 2022 Digiday Awards, competing against formidable industry giants such as Disney, Elf Cosmetics, and Target, in the category of Best Agency/Client Collaboration.