Travel & Experience

Jan 5, 2023

Why we encourage our team members to travel

Sasha Shemirani

We're proud to foster a unique work environment that encourages our team members to travel boundlessly across the globe.

Company sponsored adventures, better known as "Smart Inspirations," help broaden our minds and perspectives, in hopes of energizing and inspiring creative juices. But more importantly, on a personal level, we believe travelling offers a wealth of experiences and memories that team members can treasure for a lifetime. Afterall, personal fulfilment is just as valuable as professional output.

In our very first Smart Inspiration Series, we follow UX/UI Designer Xin Ma as she ventures to the elusive surrealist gardens (and the charming towns she discovered on the way) just outside of Xilitla in central Mexico . She first discovered this wonderland when she noticed it as a photoshoot setting for one her favorite fashion brands.

The garden, which was created by British collector Edward James in the 1940s, is a surrealist masterpiece that features a collection of sculptures, buildings, and other installations that are seamlessly integrated into the natural landscape. Visitors can explore a variety of different paths and gardens, each of which is filled with unexpected surprises and delights.

In addition to the sculptures and buildings, the garden is also home to a variety of different plants and flowers, including exotic orchids and other tropical flora. The lush and verdant landscape provides a stunning backdrop for the sculptures and creates a sense of harmony and balance that is truly mesmerizing.

To learn more about Xin's journey through the jungles of central Mexico, please visit our Instagram page to read about her experience.